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LHM Plus Fluid

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    Rock Oil

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LHM Plus Fluid is a mineral based, high performance lubricant which may be used as a hydraulic agent in various hydraulic systems, such as power steering systems, leveling systems, hydraulic pneumatic spring systems, shock absorbing devices, hydrostatic driving gears, ABS/ASR and ASC systems, hydraulically controlled couplings and electro-hydraulic folding roof control systems, etc.

LHM Plus Fluid fully meets the requirements of the latest issue of the ISO 7308 specification.

It is also suitable for use where the following specifications are recommended;

DIN 51524 part 3

ISO 7308

Appearance:Clear green fluid
Вязкость при -40 C°:1200 cSt max.
Вязкость при 100 °C (сСт):6.0 cSt
Вязкость при 40 °C (сСт):19.0 cSt
Индекс вязкости:303
Код продукта:05240
Точка возгорания:120°C(closed Cup)
Точка застывания°C:-50
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